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Kunst :: Kunst (Kunst)

The exploration of the other is a central tenet of this album. Cunnane and Kendrick embark on a twelve track journey into the abandoned. Waste ground. The derelict building. The forgotten and unused, empty audio spaces are given life. Field recordings ghost in the background, their presence being an integral part of the sound and […]

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Badun :: s.o.t.s. Respace (Schematic Music Co.)

s.o.t.s. Respace attempts to resign, revisit, re-appropriate, or leave unresolved the stuff we set aside for the taking, forming and forcing new connections and associations along the way, scavenging for and scattering the detritus of life, just an ordinary day. Ornamental, divorced almost entirely from purpose but nevertheless alive with intent, the modern-day remix is […]

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