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Marge and the Marvellous :: Distant Dance (No More Pop)

No More Pop is an oasis, an island amidst a sea of darker re-issues, an island of dulcet synth pop and cloudless skies. Bright and cheerful beginnings. Reclaimed sounds on a reclaimed medium. The 7” has a love hate relationship amongst the faithful. For some the smallest vinyl format is annoying. Often poorly made and […]

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Kaval :: Sky of Mirrors (Das Drehmoment)

From dark mystic locations to retrofitted future cities Kaval take the listener into their exotic alcove of murky analogue alleyways, dense minimal forest and synthesizer clouded motorways. A soundtrack of an unmade movie if you want, but more like a truly epic piece of electronics. [Purchase] It has been a tumultuous three years for Berlin’s […]

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