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Doing the rounds with 3.14 :: Pi Electronics (Interview and Mix)

Aegean Electronics is growing, soaking up the talent and enthusiasm centred around Athens. Labels such as Echovolt, Vanila and Lower Parts, artists like June, Morah and Damcase, as well as platforms like Phormix, are carving out their own territory in the competitive arena that is the hearts and minds of the faithful. Pi Electronics is […]

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TH ± Tar Hallow :: From the blackened pits

The Netherlands does electronics well. In spite of its size Holland is a heartland of machine music. Clone. Bunker. Crème Organization. Viewlexx. Bordello A Parigi. And the list goes on. From this fecund ground comes a new imprint, TH ± Tar Hallow. The Rotterdam label, founded by Thano Papadopoulos, notes the above labels as having […]

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Andreas Gehm :: Universe / I Don’t Care (Lower Parts)

Andreas Gehm is a modern Acid, with a capital A, stalwart. Greece has entered new political territory. New Democracy are well and truly out and Syriza well and truly in. Commentators are whirring out possibilities. Hope and uncertainty drip from lips. The climate of cuts created widespread hardship, pushing people to brink, forcing families into […]

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