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Dalham :: Waves (Public House Recordings)

Via a variant of woozy tape-saturated electronica that’s at once caustic and caressing, it boldly blurs signifiers of new brutalism and beautiful places. News of a new release whose mix of sci-fi and blue-skied synth is sure to win hearts and minds of Boards and Ghost Box buffs alike. Newcomer Dalham‘s Waves shares both those artists’ musico-cultural coordinates, and likemind hauntology—along with […]

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Concretism :: Town Planning (Self-Released)

Town Planning is neo-brutalism under a constantly anthracite sky. It is conceptual art celebrating its greyness, its standardization and the strange pull it exercises on us today. With a catchy opening theme worthy of Delia Derbyshire circa 1963, Chris Sharp shifts his Concretism onto a new, once promising format, the compact disc, after a themed quartet […]

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