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V/A :: Snow Robots Volume 4 (Suction)

The warm 16-bit melodies of some twenty years back have mutated into grizzled men (much like myself) peddling coarse chords and rough rhythms made to carve up modern dance-floors. A new tradition has started and hopefully it will still be going in two decades time. I’m not big into driving. I’m not particularly good at […]

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Geistform :: Señales EP (Femur)

The coarse and calculated sequences of the industrial are omnipresent on the EP, as is an experimentation with modular synthesis and expectations of electronica. Espinosa investigates a bleakness and brutality that is usually ignored, a sound where man has fallen and redemption will not be granted. Frak and Celldöd were Femur’s first vinyl steps, the […]

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Femur :: Electronic down to its bones

Based on the strength of these first two 12”s (by Frak and Celldöd), a new, interesting, and forward looking label has just been established here in Spain and one, which I have no doubt, will be a success. Femur. After five years of running a club night, after a compilation on Clasicos Del Ruidos, after enough […]

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