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Boulderdash :: Just some parsecs away from home (DSM / Audionaut Capsule)

Boulderdash manage to hone their vintage IDM skills, finding new ways to thread emotive melodies, all the while utilizing hardware to create soft sound escapes for background listening. Sweden’s Daniel Skaborn and Hans Möller (aka Boulderdash)—one of the burgeoning IDM producers in the late 90s and early 00s—continue to manipulate sound inside quaint, melodic time capsules. Pro […]

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Igloo Magazine :: Best of 2016

While other sites might fight to get 1000s down to 50 or 20, at Igloo HQ we’ve refused to don the hair shirt of reducing respective contributor lists to a consensual singularity, in favour of doing justice to diversity via lists that range far and wide, and a congruent preference for letting their multiplicity simply […]

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Boulderdash :: Pro Time Killers (DataDoor)

Progenitor’s of the early 00’s melodic ambient-electronic arena, Boulderdash hone in on their sense of rhythm and tone as Pro Time Killers provides a great snapshot of their multifaceted skills. Refined, chilled music for armchair listening and highly recommended. Intended for release on US-based Acre Records, Pro Time Killers by Swedish producers Hans Möller and Daniel Skaborn decided to […]

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