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Five questions for Lagunamuch

Described as “…an experimental music label, based in Moscow, Russia and was formed in 2004. We are not interested in boxed music made to fit into IDM, post-rock, techno, ambient frames. Our interest is music with a deep trip outside the reality.” Willy Winky responds to our Five questions profile to give a glimpse into […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Slings the Wooze Mix

20 exponents of blurred and blissed ambience, washed out synthwave and reverb-drenched electronica selected and strategically slung into a document of daze, a hymn to haze. Slinging the Wooze is Igloo Contributing Editor, Alan Lockett, aka albient for mix-meddle and audio-fiddle. The theme, vaguely programmatically, is of blinking re-emergence from Winter’s stunned chill, bleary peering […]

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Banned Book :: Holographic Relationchip (Lagunamuch)

A well-conceived volume of audio delight, Banned Book ceases the moment in this brisk 30-minute jaunt through time. Ripping through a boundless foray of upbeat versus downbeat electronics, Holographic Relationchip reconfigures past and present to deliver a new progression of future sound-escapes. [Release page] Moscow, Russia’s Lagunamuch have kept a low profile over the years; […]

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