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The Silicon Scientist :: Outside the Night (Anna Logue)

Anna Logue released one of the year’s best synth-pop albums in 2014 with Twins Natalia’s spellbinding The Destiny Room and with the late 2015 release of Outside the Night they’ve done it again. If you long to add more retro to your catalog, allow The Silicon Scientist to join the ranks of your favorite artists […]

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Vocoder :: Cuadro Sinóptico (Dark Entries)

Josh Cheon has outdone himself with this re-release. The tracks sound as good today as when I first heard them coming across cyberspace care of Mr Dalum’s record collection. Catchy, addictive and moreish; Vocoder sum up the glory of 80s analogue pop. Lamb. A chicken. Cabbages. Peas. Quinoa. Cream. Providence. Providence seems to be on […]

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Rudawoda feat. O. Lubencov :: Wiatr (Turbinicarpus)

This mutely eloquent soundtrack to perniciousness, improvised live on analogue synthesizer and bass guitar, conveys a scene of post-Soviet dilapidation and exudes bitter abjection. [Release page] Ambient lament for an industrial town in the southern Ukraine, into whose drinking water noxious waste is allowed to seep with impugnity. This “red water,” as it is locally known, […]

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