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Vlimmer :: IIIIIIII​/​IIIIIIIII (8 & 9) (Blackjack Illuminist)

As in the previous opus this album is a fine mix of influences coming from cold / dark wave, IDM movements, as well as minimal synth, post-punk and sci-fi soundtracks to produce a personal musical syncretism. Vlimmer (aka Alexander Leonard Donat) is one crazily productive, imaginative synth wizard hailing from Berlin. Igloo readers are already […]

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Vlimmer :: llllll​/​lllllll (Blackjack Illuminist)

Maybe an over-productive project for a few ones but this bunch of nicely made tracks will easily convince fans of dark waving and moodily atmospheric electro-gothic music, mainly from the 80s. Alexander Leonard Donat is one busy, highly prolific, multifaceted and electronic self-produced artist coming from Berlin, Germany. The Berlin underground electronic music scene has […]

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