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Kunst :: Kunst (Kunst)

The exploration of the other is a central tenet of this album. Cunnane and Kendrick embark on a twelve track journey into the abandoned. Waste ground. The derelict building. The forgotten and unused, empty audio spaces are given life. Field recordings ghost in the background, their presence being an integral part of the sound and […]

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Igloo Magazine :: Best of 2016

While other sites might fight to get 1000s down to 50 or 20, at Igloo HQ we’ve refused to don the hair shirt of reducing respective contributor lists to a consensual singularity, in favour of doing justice to diversity via lists that range far and wide, and a congruent preference for letting their multiplicity simply […]

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Aleksi Perälä :: The Colundi Sequence Vol. 1 (Clone)

Perälä’s work has a distinctly Millsian flavor with hints of spooked AFX melody. It’s certainly other worldly and many of these tracks could easily slot into a Mills album about planets without anyone batting an eyelid. If you are not familiar with the back story to The Colundi Sequence then you’re in luck as they […]

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