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Altarmang :: Void (Cyclic Law)

The buzzing cavernous drones, circular effects and mystical power vibes will definitely catch your attention. Altarmang is a project by one regular Cyclic law artist: Pär Boström (Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast). I’m quite familiar with his early works, at that time I reached Par for a book about dark ambient music but which finally haven’t […]

read more :: Twin God Fragments (Orb Tapes)

Twin God Fragment is an articulated collection of buzzing, weird and abrasive drone rituals mainly delivered by a vast array of pedal noise effects, electric guitar and feedback. Angelo Guido carries on his personal sonic voyage with a new recommended industrially tainted noise ambient release. Orb Tapes is a new label devoted to home made, uncompromising […]

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Xu :: Floater (Cathedral Transmissions)

Fornasari gets back to us with a new corpus of exceptionally moving and obscure sound collages and immersive drone tapestries. Nicola Fornasari (aka Xu) is a complex and multi-directional sound artist coming from Cremona, Italy. After notable short handed editions on Eilan Records, Triple Moon, Thirsty Leaves and Twice Removed, Fornasari gets back to us […]

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Five questions for 33 Recordings

33 Recordings sheds some bits’n bytes regarding their net label operations, the latest Into Pieces compilation, how they came to be as well as other thoughts and intentions. Igloo Magazine :: When did 33 Recordings start up and what was your inspiration? 33Rec :: A few years ago we started uploading our music in various […]

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V/A :: Into Pieces (33)

Broken down into three collective swarms, Pieces 1, 2 & 3 percolate around a mass of electronic sub-genres including glitch, IDM, dark/light ambient, post-industrial, noise, heavy-dub, and grit’n bass that details a penchant for the abstract. [Release page] Broken down into three collective swarms, Pieces 1, 2 & 3 percolates around a mass of electronic […]

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