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Techno’s Outer Limits :: February 2018

Latest in a series of emissions from Techno’s Twilight Zone of EPs/12″s and LPs with notes in the margins.   Silent Season’s 10 Year Anniversary vinyl series resumes with TOL favourite, ASC, ranging out from grey area box into Eccentric Orbits; “Cerulean” sends micro-bleeps and texture bytes into the void with its off-kilter kicks ceding to “Dimension 1010″‘s doleful ambient swells […]

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Techno’s Outer Limits :: April 2017

First transmission of 2017 from Techno’s Twilight Zone of EPs/12″s and LP, with notes in the margins. James Shaw, the artist known as Sigha, we’re told (blurb), ‘has always placed the listener at a centrifugal point that invites a clandestine hypnosis rather than an abject hysteria.’ Cheers for that, James. Be that as it may, a kind of […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Daliance #14 mix

Dalliance #14 is an Ambient Techno mix from igloomag Contributing Editor, Alan Lockett, aka Mist-Maxer albient—latest in a series from Techno’s Outer Limits (check incoming April 2016 transmission). Dalliance #14 is the fourteenth in a series of mixes, assembling more than a score of dalliers with alliance to 4/4 pulse geared to smeared Outer Limits atmospheres. MistMaxer albient assembles… Artists: A […]

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