Xurba :: Music for a Clear Channel + Third Symbol (Kahvi Collective, Digital)

1666 image 1(01.17.08) Somewhere between Brian Eno and Ulrich Schnauss lies Xurba. Xurba is the alter-ego of one Will Brazier-Smith, hailing from the UK and delivering crisp euphoric electronic sounds. He has dropped a pair of releases through the Kahvi Collective netlabel: Music from the Clear Channel, and Third Symbol. Influenced heavily by Tangerine Dream, Arovane, and Ozric Tentacles, Xurba signs his name alongside masters of lush post-ambient music with two masterpieces.

The music of Xurba has been likened to that of Boards of Canada, but Xurba adds a demo-scene feel to his glacial sounds. Dark, yet peaceful; both releases showcase his attention to sonic detail without miring the listener in boring complexities. Lush pads create a thick atmosphere that is peppered with ethereal sound collage and brought back to earth with crunchy yet never overpowering beats. The tracks on each release are similar in sound and concept; thus, the albums each feel like one grandiose synthetic symphony rather than a collection of individual songs. Much like Brian Eno, these records are meant to be enjoyed from start to finish.

1666 image 2Those at home with slow and synthetic styles in the vein of early Merck Records will be kept in rapture by Music from the Clear Channel and Third Symbol. The songs travel through space and never become repetitive – high praise, considering each release contains 16 deeply moving tracks and  clock in at over an hour. This is meditation music on cold nights for those who find solace in rich sonic texture. These are subterranean sea exploration soundtracks for explorers of mental mountain ranges. [Purchase]

Music from the Clear Channel will be released on iTunes and other digital distributors on February 1st, 2008. Third Symbol will be released on iTunes and other digital distributors on March 1st, 2008. Both releases are part of the Kahvi Commercial collective..

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