Wevie Stonder :: The Wooden Horse of Troy (Skam)

1133 image 1(10.09.05) Once in a while, something really strange happens in the universe; something that scrambles the very notion of things like so many stir fried veggies under the noble blade of a Benihana’s chef. For Wevie Stonder, these things must happen at pretty regular intervals—possibly every few breaths or so.

I submit for your approval: Exhibit A — The Wooden Horse of Troy, a 40-odd minute foray into an inane world of BLT sandwiches, chanting chipmunks, Mexican polka and tough low-fi beats. From the stunning  restraint and vocal beauty of “Stalemate” to the gladiatorial battle sequence of “The Wooden Horse of Troy,” Wevie Stonder weaves a nebulous tale with rising action, climax, denouement, and fairy-tale ending which may only make sense to you if you are loaded on whiskey and milk. Take for example, the aforementioned polka: “Gagged and Bound” in which Stonder boldly claim to have seen your ass, or the trashy junk-guitar strums of “The Everyone-That-I-Love Stink,” or better yet, “The Lowest Part of the Moon,” a marching little ditty which espouses the cheesy goodness of the glowing rock in our night sky.

As a consumer of many fine musics, I always hope to be blessed with a record like The Wooden Horse of Troy. It is a truly unique work of art
showcasing a great breadth of music styles, blending sampled and live source material and providing an overall aural experience which one
cannot reap from the average collection of bumpy electronic tunes. I must, however, end this review with a negative… the flute-filled finale
of this disc occurs way too early for my ears, which can only be a testament to my happy time with the music. I suppose I could just hit play again.

The Wooden Horse of Troy is out now on Skam.


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