Vlimmer :: Randow (Original Soundtrack) (Blackjack Illuminist)

An imaginary soundtrack for thriller-mystery films.

Vlimmer is one of the numerous projects headed by Alexander Leonard Donat. Most of his musical production is issued on his own DIY micro label Blackjack Illuminist. Editions are crafts based, generally published as extremely limited copies in Cdr or tape format, assorted by a digital version. I discovered his work with his last compilation IIIIII & IIIIIII (reviewed on Igloo). Vlimmer is a crazily productive project which endlessly multiplies its musical sources of inspiration to create a sort of magma of various styles, bringing to the fore soundscaping noise assaults, synth pop sequences and minimal dark wave atmospheres.

Randow is a new release available as CDR hand-made format as well as K7 and digital. It is an imaginary soundtrack for thriller-mystery films. The general ambience is dominated by flowing synthesized textures in a rather minor key mode, emotionally plaintive, blurry, sinister, enigmatic and soaring. Once more we can notify a clear interest for retro musical aesthetics from the 70s/80s. Somewhere between Cluster, Black tape for a blue girl and music for films designed by Schulze, Carpenter and Eno. Each track develops its own atmosphere, some raw, tense, erratic and experimental dronescapes meet strange aleatoric manipulations and more cinematic or melodiously appealing ambient patterns.

Randow is an other interesting release in the DIY musical galaxy.

Randow (Original Soundtrack) is available on Blackjack Illuminist.

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