Visonia :: Journey Into Humility (Lux Rec)

The richness and depth of Visonia’s music shines from the outset.

It’s no easy thing to be a newcomer in electronic music. Competition is as fierce as ever, with vinyl copies (alongside record stores) dwindling. Despite the odds, Visonia managed to net a decent amount of attention with his first wax outing, Die Reisen on Last Known Trajectory. True, Gerald Donald (aka Dopplereffekt) was involved with the 12” and such a name can easily tip the popularity balance, but I think differently. By and far, Nicolas Estany’s artistic ability behind the analogue machines was what caused of the stir amongst the faithful. Now the Chilean musician is returning to vinyl, this time being headhunted by Zurich’s Lux Rec for Journey Into Humility.

The ominous bars of the title track open. 90s moods flood, Ambient Techno tides of bubbling sub-bass. The track seems incredibly robust when the break arrives. Superbly fragile keys descend, alongside rasping drums, for a something that is truly exceptional. Tracks across the 12” are short, none breaking over the five minute mark. But Estany manages to fill each of his offerings to the brim with electric emotion. An immense weight looms with “Deception.” Filters tremble under a terrific pressure, but that same lightness of “Journey Into Humility” is present; balance being once again expertly achieved. “Fake Smiles” introduces the flip. An inviting melody, a soft synth lullaby, is soon distanced by percussion. Snapping snares and broad chords digging a gorge of dense Electro. “Lunar Garden” closes. The deep atmospherics of the title piece return, swimming Ambient warmth opening the finale. Textured pads enter, droplets of sound rippling into crisp cymbals and beyond into silence.

I had high hopes for Journey Into Humility, and they were met. The richness and depth of Visonia’s music shines from the outset. The Chilean pours feeling from both heart and machine. Undoubtedly this youngster will be a bright near name in the future of electronics.

Journey Into Humility is available on Lux Rec.

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