V/A :: Snow Robots Volume 3 (Suction, CD)

600 image 1 Snow Robots Volume 3 is the third in a series of compilation/sampler albums from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) label Suction Records which showcase tracks from upcoming Suction releases and offer a selection of exclusive tracks from like minded artists. Volumes 1 and 2 of Snow Robots were highly acclaimed by the international press and with this compilation’s lineup listing contributions from the likes of Lowfish, Solvent, David Kristian, Skanfrom and GD Luxxe, the newest volume in the series looks equally promising.

Opening in true style with the bouncy rhythmic beats of “Glass House” by Lowfish, things start out on a very positive note. This is closely followed by the exclusive track “The Plot” from Orgue Electronique, an upbeat electro meets Orbital tune that is perfectly constructed and incredibly addictive. Solvent’s “For You” with its warm analogue feel and vocoder vocals takes the traditional 80’s synth sound and updates it for the new millennium. “Lectrocured”, an exclusive track from David Kristian keeps up the high quality of featured contributions with a computerized electro excursion that bubbles and builds subtly across its 2:22 length. The first of Tinfoil Teakettle’s contributions, “Think Like Us”, is a beautifully warm and well produced electro/techno track with vocoder vocals, while the consistently excellent Skanfrom effortlessly produces another retro analogue adventure for the new millennium in the form of “Tape Script 21.” GD Luxxe contributes another exclusive track, a vocal cover version of “Compulsion” by Joe Crow reworked in the style of Martin Gore’s [of Depeche Mode] own cover of the tune. Black Turtleneck also treat us to a vocal track with a retro flavor and a modern synthpop edge with “Store Front.” The second of Solvent’s 2 tracks, the exclusive “Tilt Top,” has a more modern dark synthpop feel reminiscent of Martin Gore’s solo output while Lowfish’s second and exclusive track “Balance & Rotate” possesses a calmer flowing ambient quality. Tinfoil Teakettle close the album with the short exclusive track “13-b” which just picks up pace with jabbing rhythmic beats and busy synths when it comes to an abrupt end.

As always with the Snow Robots compilations, the standard of tracks is consistently high throughout. Some of the tracks are taken from upcoming releases while others remain exclusive to this release but provide pointers to artists of similar standing. A great compilation with some excellent modern electro tracks with a hint of things to come from Suction in the coming months.

Snow Robots Volume 3 is OUT NOW on Suction Records.


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