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    Manchester and Leamington Spa (UK) based Struktur Records, is an aesthetical and audible force composed of graphic and sound artists Ian Edmondson (Graphics), Mark Pilkington (Thought Universe) and Eddie Symons (Bovaflux). The level of electronic production and architecturally enhanced graphics is an area that Struktur underscores with in-depth precision and music that is several acres ahead of the pack.

    Color-coded compilations (this being their second release) on a label with an expiration date; The catalog numbers of Struktur releases are gradually counting down to Black Zero Zero, at which point the label will terminate itself. Quite an interesting concept to say the least, especially since the production, selection and quality of the tracks appearing on Orange Zero Six is at a heightened level of precision.

    Orange Zero Six is the second installation in a series of seven compilations. Featuring seven artists spanning through 30 minutes of delicate and gritty electronics, this release compliments the birth of early Artificial Intelligence days with current, infectious musical engineering.

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    Crossing through the calming ambiences of Bovaflux with his “Cyblum” contribution, this piano-driven tune rests on fragile pieces of glass as it reflects light in all directions. Peachfish seems to expand on Bovaflux’s ambient flow by adding an older Aphex Twin influenced slant composed of skittering drum’n bass percussion and digitally enhanced tweaks unfolding genuinely onto the dance floor. Commission for A New Town introduces a slow, phase-shifting electro pulse integrated with brooding percussive beats on “Ardwick Shaft;” Vocodered robotic sampling, and mind altering confusion are the successful results of this tune. Chris de Giere’s “One Dimensional Random Walk” skips along with its synthetic ambient dub (Pole meets Arovane, anyone?) as these four minutes of sizzling ambience and dubby bass-lines roll across the eyes and ears without a trace of interference. Eakui’s “Colliculus,” reminiscent of an ISAN versus JVOX collaboration, weaves through spatial synth tweaking, clustered, subdued beats and emotive piano elements. On Production Unit’s opening track, “Latin Apex,” time is stretched, distorted and molded into a template of rugged electronic hip-hop with a Machine Drum tinge of gritty melody work, subtle vocal sampling (“Baby”) and an emotive siren hook that glues all of the above together. Saving the best for last, the second cut on Orange Zero Six by Kutchi (a London based trio), is a three part, six-minute concoction that opens with dark experimental/ambient teasing that eventually moves into forward-thinking, bass-heavy electro and picks up even further with the incision of an extra rumbling bassline, progressive rhythm and atmospheric paranoia. What an essential track this one is. Did the description help, or will you wait to hear the music?

    Well, with all the text above, one might hopefully get the inclination to push forth and locate this colorful, limited edition CD-release on Struktur Records. This compilation paints a unique picture that is the signature Struktur sound; Brain tingling electronics with a dance friendly robotic groove that doesn’t let down. Fans of Skam, Toytronic, n5MD and Component take notice.

    Orange Zero Six is OUT NOW on Struktur Records.

  • Struktur Records Website
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    More Info about the artists (Press-Release) ::

  • Production Unit: Part of The Marcia Blaine School for Girls, who are currently experiencing a great deal of coverage for their work with Dalriada, Stuff, and of course their previous work with Struktur.
  • Kutchi: London based trio Kutchi have been busy building up a great reputation on the live circuit, but thankfully they’ve also been hard at work in the studio too. In addition to their track for Orange Zero Six, they are also about to release a split 12″ with fellow Adverse Camber collective artists, Boep. They also have an upcoming EP on an as yet unnamed new label.
  • Eakui: A barber from Sweden, specializing in the grooming of moustaches below the width of 3.5 microns.
  • Bovaflux: Returning to the live scene for the first time in 2 years, Bovaflux has been tearing up dance floors around the South with a bunch of new material, showing his love of jungle is strong as ever. Not that you’d guess that from his contribution to Orange Zero Six though. For this compilation, Bovafllux provides a moment to pause and reflect, before moving into….
  • Peachfish: Injecting a bit of energy into Struktur, cranking up the tempo with some experimental drum’n bass. Peachfish has also been playing live regularly, as part of the Seed Records crew, and also as a regular at Struktur’s own events.
  • Commission For A New Town: Sountracks representing buildings on the ever changing architectural landscape of the city of Manchester. Commission For A New Town is the composer Mark Pilkington (a.k.a. Thought Universe). The title “Ardwick Shaft” is an air ventilation and access point that links into the underground cold war bunker system that exists below the streets of Manchester. Going up, coming down, feeling happy, once again.
  • Chris de Giere: San Francisco native Chris de Giere presents a dynamic mix of soupy digital ambience and bass heavy abstract beats. With interests in real-time synthesis and chaotic systems, de Giere creates custom software tools for improvisation in live performance and studio sessions. Musical results range from subdued atmospheres to all out dance floor freak-outs. De Giere has released material with Emanate, No Type, Throat, and Volta. He’s also performed across the United States and Europe.



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