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Described on the packaging as “a journey into experimental breakbeat electronica and other genre shifting breeds”, One Point One is Rednetic’s debut release collecting together various forms of mellow breaks orientated electronic music. Opening with Ochre’s light drifting “Valley Forge” and Zainetica’s slightly Orbital-esque “Clear Blue Sky”, One Point One sets the tone from the start.

Just when you’re getting settled down for a nice hypnotic trip, an anxious sense of urgency sets in with J Auer’s “Across the Horizon” and Cheju’s “Glow Worms,” the latter invoking a particularly clinical air of tension. Zainetica, one of only two artists with two tracks on the compilation, follows with “See All,” another relaxed ambient excursion with subtle breaks and a Spanish vs electric guitar theme. Taking a purely electronic route is Utility Player with the less obviously emotive “Empathogen” and the more experimental but seriously funky breakbeat extravaganza of “Verzoen” by Sidechain. Slowing things down again briefly is the short “Lunar Piece” by Convurazio which opens as a desolate soundscape but introducing some fierce breaks at the halfway point. This is followed by the slow trip-hop beat of the Tommi Bass vs Neytoda track “Fraktured.” The compilation starts to wind down with F.E.A.R’s “Vacume,” a darkly atmospheric ambient soundscape with swathes of texture and ethereal female vocal accompaniment that adds somewhat inappropriate chilled breaks about two thirds of the way through. Ochre calms things down further with the lush beat infused “Reverse Engineering.” Closing the compilation is Scorn-Fury with hollow breakbeats, ghostly synth washes and ominous samples on “Fury Distraction.”

One Point One collects together a well chosen selection of tracks showcasing a range of breakbeat enhanced ambience and introduces some new talent, all of which will be worth looking out for in the future on the strength of their showing here.

One Point One is out now on Rednetic Recordings.

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