V/A :: Miasmah & Dosage (Merck)


  • V/A :: Miasmah (Merck)
  • August 2003

    Flexing a different set of musical muscles, Merck records have been known to release top-notch “electronified hip-hop” since day one. Over the past year, however, this fledging Florida based label has begun to cut a new path in their future by releasing material that goes against the grain compared to previous content. With Miasmah being the latest compilation (next to the Merck Summer Mix 2), the 16 tracks featured on this disc encompass a funkier approach while retaining a unique electronic mood that slithers in the dark.

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    Miasmah was started in 1999 by Erik Skodvin (a.k.a. Xhale) as a “label” to distribute his own music and graphics. It was a logical progression to see Miasmah’s backstock fully released by networking with Merck for the birth of this compilation. Likewise, we’re rather impressed with the results.

    From the aquatic minimal techno grooves of Solitaire Albread’s “The Green Pill” through Miasmah Quartet’s downbeat jazz-driven rhythms on “Sophie’s Staccato,” there’s a real sense of variation from start to end. Hip-Hop simply cannot be ignored on this disc, however: Markus, Inner Addictions, Smash, and Xhale all manage to create a distinctive flavor of smoothly laden melodies wrapped around dope-filled beats. Sense’s “Blue Shade 1” closes off this disc with a relaxed minimal-techno number packed with surreal clicks and delicate ambiences. It’s all featured here, from one genre to another.

    For those of you open to the many style’s of electronics, be prepared to fall in love with Miasmah. Soothing, comforting and packed with rounded beats, Miasmah is a chilled compilation limited to a mere 1000 copies and available in August, 2003.

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  • Miasmah


  • V/A :: Dosage (Merck)
  • September 2003

    Dosage originally appeared as two 12″ releases featuring Merck records current onslaught of hip-hop beats melted to sliced vocal clips and smooth electrical rhythms. Such is the case with the incredible opener by UK’s John Twells (a.k.a. Xela) on “My Rap” and his drenched “Soul in the Machine” manifesto. Suki Takahashi takes a different approach by diluting their beats in a chemical agent of rugged sound scrapes, twisted bass-lines, and jazzy odds and ends unfolding into what can only be classified as abstract funk. Luminfire’s “Jewel Scarabs” is an upbeat brain-inducer that instantly has your feet shaking to its hip-hop sensibility, instrumental melodies (piano, saxophone) and delicate musical structure.

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    Set for release in September, 2003, Dosage is definitely a signature representing Merck Records musical collective of individuals based all across the map. Featuring Xela, Logreybeam, Vae, Luminfire, Suki Takahashi, Machine Drum, Epstein, Shift, Phobode, Deceptikon, Soul One and Oblq, Dosage is an electronic gem with a global hip-hop shell to protect it.

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