V/A :: Laced Milk Technologies (Compiled by ARTMAN) (Qooki, CD)

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The Laced Milk Technologies collective based in Miami, Florida have always been about producing, manipulating and rearranging sound in a way that is clean, consistent and evolving. As an electronic music collective and Netlabel, this small group of individuals blends original compositions with delicate precision; loosely tying genres together by plastering beats and basslines with fluid outpours of rhythm and weaving female vocal highlights. A particularly unique spin of downbeat funk-appeal has always been a key ingredient for the collective, migrating Detroit-techno influenced synth-lines with their appreciation of experimental electro. It’s a product of sincere dedication and several years of persistent creativity that has lead the collective to meet up with Japan’s Qooki Records. This compilation is made possible with the helping hand of a fellow LM friend, Artman.

Rhythmic frequencies generate waves of propulsion as gently drifting tweaks rotate around tracks like “Soluble Communen” (Line Noise), “Lex on Skytable” (Lex99) and the laid-back opener “Sky Cricker” (Lacedmilk Allstars), reminiscent of Purple Penguin. Bipolar Controller’s “Star Child Incarnate” introduces moments of early Detroit-techno with an experimental twist. Not forgetting the distorted, yet amusing hip-hop moments, Blunted Minds’ “Lushen” and Mindseye’s “Slowfast” deliver a transitioning mood of subtle melodies and inspired inner reflections of times gone by. Kobalt’s “Bonita” has a sparkling melody that stands clear from its neighboring tracks –could it be the old-school techno punch mirrored against deep basslines, or the creative forces of Laced Milk pulling a fast one on our ears? Pupila’s epic 11-minute “Pupila Infinitus” resonates like a star falling in the night sky, its percussive glare shines bright while whispering voices melt in the distance. Line Noise & Bipolar Controller’s collaboration on “Fettcla” has a matching feel, its pulse runs in a parallel style but delegates a tumbling beat to keep it flowing. Lex99’s “Ducket Drinksky” fluctuates its ambiences like The Detroit Escalator Company would; dropping a tumbling bassline next to shivering high-hats and syncopated beats.

Qooki’s Laced Milk Technologies compilation is a good introduction to what this collective is all about: Presenting an electro-tinged, aquatic groove that flows from the soul of their sound-machines to the minds of their attentive listening audience. It’s about time, isn’t it?

Laced Milk Technologies (Compiled by ARTMAN) is out now on Qooki Records.

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