V/A :: Exhibition 2 (Audiobulb, MP3)

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Exhibition #2 is the second release from Audiobulb Records, an MP3 music label that will begin to release CD’s in the next month. According to the label’s banner, Audiobulb presents Exploratory Electronic Music, and this release does not stray from the mission statement. Of the eleven cuts featured, Diagram of Suburban Chaos, Build, Henry Leo Duclos, and Bllix lean more towards the IDM realm and definitely demonstrate more musical structure. The other seven tracks firmly reside in the land of minimalism and experimentalism. The obtuse clicks and blips dot the spacey hum in the background while an acoustic thread is sawn from beginning to end. Remaining true to its abstract tendencies, Exhibition #2 is a great template for those interested in delving into the audio oddities of layered electronic sound.

A pronounced appreciation of the experimental branch of electronica is certainly an advantage while absorbing the frequencies of Exhibition #2. Adding to that, none of the tracks on this compilation provided a difficult listening experience, in fact, most of them rely on found-sound digital experiments forming a thorough signature for this newly formed record label. The four less-experimental tracks were all good efforts, especially the Bllix and Diagram of Suburban Chaos.

Exhibition #2 is definitely recommended for fans of minimal and experimental ambience, but it likely will not find an audience outside of that niche.

Exhibition #2 is OUT NOW as an MP3 release on Audiobulb Records. (Audioulb recently tied for 2nd Place as the Best Indie/Label Collective at the Electronic Scene 2003 Music Awards)

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