V/A :: Chaos.Lovers (Lovethechaos, CD)

1569 image 1(06.01.07) Notable compilation from Lovethechaos, a spanish label that introduces itself with a fashionable artwork made of black cardboard and silver ink, and most importantly, with excellent moments of electronic music.

The opener “Nikj” by Strand is a soft piece with gentle guitar chords, “White Thought” by Strange2 will catch your attention with captivating melodies and an electrified bassline, and even better is “Dada” by Eedl vs. Rec_Overflow, that slowly grows from simple melancholic piano notes with a mixture of tight electro drums and bubbling bass. “Inorganic Agent” is a dark beast made of slow beats and creepy machinery, it gives the same feelings as some obscure Schematic releases, think Brownout by Phoenecia, Richard Devine or Shapeshifter: these guys (Nikka and Morbia) deserve a solo release for their contribution herein. The same hope is valid for Metropol too, who shows scary metallic bass and sparse beats in a style that recalls Einóma, and considering how high I rate the Icelandic duo, this is a huge and sincere praise. Here and there you can hear some crunchy Autechre influence, but I don’t see that as a problem, since there are many established IDM labels that rely on artists who borrow many ideas from originators of the genre.

Another fact worth mentioning is that the most interesting tracks don’t come from the already known artists, such as CH District, AZ-Rotator or even Ab Ovo, and this should be an encouragement to all the small labels who may think they need some big names to gather attention: with an overcrowded electronic scene, I don’t expect much from newcomers, but if they’re good it’s a surprise that I have to spread to other people. On the other side, with musicians known to the public you always run the risk to overshadow fresh talents.

A really good effort, so if you come across a copy of Chaos.Lovers I would pick it up if I was you.

Chaos.Lovers is out now on Lovethechaos. [Purchase]

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