V/A :: V.A. 1 (La Beauté Du Négatif)

Machine music that moves with emotion and dancefloor rhythm. Small fish growing fat on a big sound.


I actively seek out small labels. That isn’t to say I shy away from bigger imprints. I don’t. But once a label, or artist, reach a certain popularity I feel that my words just sink into an ever widening sea of text. I’m not looking for small operations that sound the same as their larger counterparts, The search is for ones trying to get their voice heard over the promotional din of giants. I’m hoping they won’t be offended, but La Beauté Du Négatif are in the minnow pond; and there is no shame in that. This Rome-based label really caught my ear with their first two EPs, House, Techno, Ambient and complex Electronics all coming into play across those debutants. Perhaps bolstered by that initial success, or throwing caution to the wind, the men of the Mediterranean have a three tracker of various proportions to ring out 2014.

Motifs from previous outings are immediately present. Fragile slivers of acid radiate from J. Alvarez’s “Suncid.” The track instantly calls to mind the recurring 303 warblings of Toisvesi, but Alvarez, aka 214, has something different to declare. That famous Roland machine is used to send autumnal winds into the stratosphere with dipping notes supported by an enveloping warmth. The track toes the lines between Ambient and Techno but definitely leans into the latter, calling to mind classical 90s introspection. Neel, of Spectrum Spools fame, blooms with, dare I say it, a work of Deep House. Shy percussion is outshun by waves of pad for a soothing piece. Beats take centre stage for Rawmance’s “United Banlieues.” Shattered snares and wounded toms are an industrial foundation on which the Knick Knack veteran carves something robust yet delicate, whispered chords buttressed by piston and pound.

I’ve been impressed by what Rawmance’s imprint has achieved in their short existence. This three tracker expands the firm statement established in La Beauté Du Négatif first releases. This is machine music that moves with emotion and dancefloor rhythm. Small fish growing fat on a big sound.

V.A. 1 is available on La Beauté Du Négatif.

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