Ürlich Uhrlich :: Kosmotron II (Striate Cortex)

A double diamond of sonic spelunking.

Ürlich Uhrlich is the krautastic alias (could be interpreted as “primordial watch-light”) under which English underground rhythmist Michael Clough has released Kosmotron II, a double diamond of sonic spelunking. Minimalist but deep, the first three-inch disc introduces a steady, motorik beat that could be the putt-putt of a mini-bike or the throb of a distant pulsar, which he expands and contracts in the air like a rubber band, slowly thinning and thickening what reaches the ear. The second untitled disc twitters and pleeps like dubstep that has inhaled too much helium, over a throatier version of the same deep bottom. Male and female, silverback and blackbird? A marvelous experience of timbre and tension.

Yet again, Striate Cortex’ Andy Robinson is in danger of outshining his talented stable of artists with unprecedentedly imaginative packaging. The CDRs are printed with a détourned version of those suddenly-ubiquitous QR code patches and housed in black, window-papered envelopes, secured to each flap of the handmade gatefold card with hand painted black and silver sashes on a black and silver background. The outer shell is covered in a hairy black textile and held closed by a matching black band.

Kosmotron II is available on Striate Cortex. [Release page]

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