Two on the Radar :: Phoenician Blinds and L.U.C.A.

Exhilarating, vividly atmospheric fusion of jazz, afrobeat, rock and hip hop from new promising London-based quartet Phoenician Blinds, and a cosmic cinematic mélange of electronica, folk and bizarreness from Italy’s Francesco De Bellis a.k.a. L.u.c.a.

Two on the Radar :: Phoenician Blinds and L.U.C.A.

Phoenician Blinds :: Elephantine (Self-Released)

Although heavily influenced by legendary, luminary phenomenon Esbjorn Svensson Trio, versatile pianist and producer Robert Glasper, talented bassist and composer Avishai Cohen, and perhaps informed by the wonders of younger groups such as GoGo Penguin and Mammal Hands, new rising force Phoenician Blinds manage to bring something totally refreshing with their debut album Elephantine. Flavors of jazz, afrobeat, rock and hip hop are dexterously mixed together with no imitations or scents of recycling. A hefty dose of cunning grooves and inventive spirit that could easily fit the innovative colorful catalog of Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Records.

L.U.C.A. :: I Semi Del Futuro (Edizioni Mondo/Running Back)

An eclectically intoxicating sonic concoction. Ten tracks, each one quite different from the other, yet together they assemble a cohesive dreamy ride full of warm nostalgic frequencies and retro cinematic vibes. De Bellis and his co-conspirators smoothly cruise through effervescent, undulating scenery of downtempo electronica saturated with bubbling, seductive psychedelia and invigorating balearic scents. A mind-bending, uplifting, soulful creation.

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