Two on the Radar :: Jonathan Fitoussi and HOLOVR

Two highly addictive synth-based albums similar in sound but completely different in mood, behavior and style. Both are out via the prolific sonic oven of Seattle’s exploratory boutique label Further Records.

Two on the Radar :: Jonathan Fitoussi and HOLOVR

Jonathan Fitoussi :: Imaginary Lines

For his debut album for Further Records, inspired by the mystical wonders of constellations and informed by the modus operandi of seventies space music luminaries, Parisian producer Jonathan Fitoussi used mainly an EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer and a Yamaha YC45D organ as his sonic looms. The result is an absolutely stunning and quite original piece of modern retro-style space music you can listen to nonstop all day long. Sumptuous, liquid layers of swirling arpeggios float ethereally and gracefully. A dreamy, fluid journey full of warm, alluring luminosity and crafty maneuvers formed by a talented, skillful musician who obviously knows his equipment very well and manages to generate striking, lucid worlds of sound for us to bask in and explore with wonder.

HOLOVR :: Anterior Space

Here we have another work of great artistry, a space music brew just as rich and effective, yet holding the techno-ish, IDM-ish uplifting acidic piquancy Jimmy Billingham a.k.a. HOLOVR is known for, minus the beats. Billingham says that having no drums in the mix gave him a bit more freedom in terms of tempo and rhythm, “it was actually really liberating” as he puts it. The four tracks pulse, twist and percolate with the raw electricity and flexibility of a live performance, each track blooms dynamically and cast its spell in a space of no less than eight minutes. Billingham delivers a vibrant colorful affair brewed with curiosity, passion and expertise.

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