TROP :: ENCLP001 (Encrypted Audio)

A turbulent electronic foray encompassing bass, beats and brutal rhythms.

TROP is Fill Spectre (Fred Chicoine from Montreal) and Kronodigger (Alexey Gorokholinskiy from New York), a collaborative force set to stir darker dub-infested waters. Their debut on Encrypted Audio rips through a turbulent electronic foray encompassing bass, beats and brutal rhythms. Take “The Destroyers of All” and “Bloke Eater,” both visceral and vibrant low-end rumblings that scatter all manner of large-scale DSP-driven grit ‘n grime. Elsewhere you’ll be hard-pressed to find any breathing room, “The Death of Atoms” is an apt title—slow-motion percussive pummeling, and ricocheting wobble in prime form. “Berserker” takes on a broken-beat scrubbing, waffling bass, and industrial landscape that eventually implodes.

But it’s not all cataclysmic noise as one might derive from the onset, TROP somehow maneuvers musical deformation, disjointed samples, and even runs loose in its construct. “Filthy Rat,” for example, elicits a sickly, post-rave, cyber-dubstep shape of harsh tones, a destructive instrumental exploration.

In all, ENCLP001 is an outward-bound, bass-laden electronic album that baffles preconceived notions of breakcore/dubstep terrain.

ENCLP001 is available on Encrypted Audio.

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