Triac :: In A Room (Laminal / Mikroton)

In A Room floats by within minimal light beams and offers an engaging harmonious perspective.

More in tune with sublime calming tones and light flickering, Triac—an electronic music trio from Italy formed in the end of 2011 by Rossano Polidoro (ex Tu m’, Line USA), Marco Seracini and Augusto Tatone—formed In A Room within minimal light beams, offering an engaging and harmonious perspective. “Part I” is a 17-minute eclipse transforming nostalgic memories into foggy synapses. There are microscopic streams which ebb and flow, an assemblage of lightly drawn buzzes and fading drones that combine for a subconscious cosmic trajectory. “Part II” moves about in a higher tone, weaving a sonic microcosm buried within cyclic dust particles. “Part III” is barely audible in its opening minute and noticeably dips into lower frequency oscillation where a minimal rumble and tumble spreads like a quietly incoming storm. “Part IIII” simmers as its melodic bubbles take shape and rearrange themselves into quaint rhythmic patterns not unlike a Selected Ambient Works relic—re-polished to capture old audio photos tucked away in a torn shoe box. While In A Room transmits a drone-like pulse, there are distant sparks that segue into and out of focus causing for an emotively charged listening experience.

In A Room is available on Laminal.

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