Three on the Radar :: Cass., Elektro Guzzi, Tilman Robinson

Three albums, three different stories. From warm ambient electronica and eclectic techno to abstract fragments of electroacoustic and modern classical seduction.

Re: Three on the Radar :: Cass., Elektro Guzzi, Tilman Robinson

Cass. :: Youth Sessions (Emotional Response)

Youth Sessions, the new album by Niklas Rehme-Schlüter a.k.a. Cass. on Emotional Response beautifully demonstrates skilful programming, rich, vintage synth work, slow-mo, elegant development and ethereal use of voice, cleverly forming nine seductively atmospheric streams of passion holding warm ambient electronica characteristics seasoned with gentle dance floor sensibilities. Each track unfolds slowly and gracefully to reveal more luminous charms, nuance and spaciousness. A unique album by an artist who strikingly merges simplicity with the unusual in order to deliver inviting yet refreshing and fluid musicianship.

Elektro Guzzi :: Parade EP (Denovali)

With its first release for Denovali, renowned, eccentric drums, bass, guitar trio, Elektro Guzzi, expands and deepens its fantastic, eclectic and highly individualistic world of techno. Parade EP provides a special dance floor experience, but is perfectly designed for deep, home sofa diving. Throughout four epic tracks, the trio hosts three trombone players who add a new, mystical dimension to its craft. Inspired by Haitian Rara music, New Orleans brass bands and Basic Channel dub, and wrapped by the powerful magic of three trombones, Elektro Guzzi dexterously generates an electrifying, hypnotic blend of jazz-infused kraut-dub dream tribal techno. Dynamic, intoxicating and otherworldly stuff from an innovative act that keeps developing and exploring new modi operandi for the sake of creating bold, rich, uncompromising and totally ingenious sonic adventures.

Tilman Robinson :: Deer Heart (Hobbledehoy)

Tilman Robinson‘s new album curates many wonders and subtleties within its colorful depths. One of the main attractions of Deer Heart is its surging nature. With expertise and a lot of sensitivity, and backed up by a group of talented players, Robinson slowly and arrestingly builds an electroacoustic, modern classical, ambient affair filled with emotionally charged abstraction, electric intensity, vibrant warmth and theatrical, bursting expressivity. Looming shadows and majestic forces of light in a ritualistic, timeless, spellbinding dance. Robinson has created a deeply penetrating, futuristically experimental work of great, rare beauty, best consumed as a whole. Fascinatingly unconventional and impossible to pigeonhole, yet powerfully alluring.

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