Tehkla :: Yagé (Schematic Music Company)

A tripped-out mind travel based on abstract sound design and flexible electronic waves.

Tehkla :: Yagé (Schematic Music Company)

To name an album with an explicit reference to this famous plant from the Latin American civilization promises to deliver lysergic soundscapes with irresistible psychic powers. This new effort is signed by Tehkla for Schematic Music Company—a historical and highly productive label specialized in complex, plural and rhythmical electronic music with artists such as Phoenecia, Richard Devine, Takeshi Muto et al.

In itself the music of Tehkla is a solid and catchy incursion through post-modern minimal ambient and synthesized cosmic sounds with an interest for adventurous synth creations. Tracks are hauntingly droning with tonal oscillations and kinetic electro moves. The soundscapes clearly seek hypnotic states thanks to a great use of micro-sonic effects and various treatments like in the ominous synthesized closing track of the album (“Terminal.”) It also features erratic post-industrial sound collages as in the explosive “Yoshin.” The music, at times, tends to admit comparison with the dark-ambient universe but also with innovative sound experiments in Sci-Fi space music (from retro-futurism tendency to classic 70s space prog).

Yagé is a tripped-out mind travel based on abstract sound design and flexible electronic waves. Perfect astral electronic music and home listening experience while reading The Yage Letters by William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.

Yagé is available on Schematic Music Company.

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