Tay0 :: Back to the Source EP (Self-Released)

Ryan Talor (aka Tay0) returns with a four-track, self-released EP and vanishes through a low-flying percussive fog.

Synthesized hip-hop on “Who the Bell” flourishes as veering bass and beat trigger drone-like spheres and video game motifs. “Cloudbound” moves about emotive streams as it brushes melodic hues and tranquilized fluttery instrumentals in one fell swoop. “One Ping Only” is a downbeat monolith—swirling synths and distant Witchman/Scorn-era manifests ensue. The title track and its far-ranging tweaks, blips and blurs are ablaze with scorched clip-hop / pitter-patter and skewed funk making it worth the price of admission alone. Tay0 maneuvers into more head-nodding fodder this time around as he continues to explore new(er) sonic plateaus.

Back to the Source is available on Bandcamp.

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