Sunosis :: Warmed (Rednetic, CD)

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(04.16.07) Sitting somewhere between Ulrich Schnauss, Boards of Canada and Arovane you
have Sunosis. While not quite up to the impossibly high standards offered by
these three artists, Sunosis does manage to pull the fluid but solid melodies
of Ulrich Schnauss together with some of the more IDM based trickery you’d
expect from Arovane or his contemporaries.

All in all this nice little extended EP ends up with nice dreamy textures,
sometimes with the kind of melodies you’d expect from something more
mainstream (in fact the name Jean Michel Jarre comes to mind more than once)
but with some added rhythmic experimentation. If I had one big complaint
with it I’d say a lot of the time there is quite a mono feel throughout and for
this kind of music I tend to prefer a spacious stereo feel that fills
the air around you, but there’s a lot of a “straight down the middle of the
headphones” feel on this disc which can sometimes detract from the big, open feel
that Sunosis seems to be trying to create.

Warmed is a very appropriate title for this collection of tunes as it does
indeed feel very warm and honest. This is a collection of commendable electronica
tunes that, refreshingly, doesn’t try to pretend it is anything else. It’s
not breaking new ground in the way that Schnauss doesn’t break new ground
but because of this it concentrates on the tunes themselves and
therefore is attractive in the same way due to its honesty.

While none of the tunes on here will ever break your heart or have you
reaching for the repeat button, it is a competent collection of music
designed for those who really like light electronica and can’t get enough of
it. If that’s you then you may well get a lot out of this release.

Warmed is out now on Rednetic. [Purchase]

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