Stereo Modus :: Ex Tempore (Shaped Harmonics, CD)

Stereo Modus are two people from Novokuznetsk, a city located in the Siberian part of Russia and in a distance of about 3500 km from Moscow, where the label Shaped Harmonics is based. Ex Tempore is the debut album of Alexander Gorbatch and Valery Yakovlev who have previously released two demo CDR EPs. Shaped Harmonics is one of those labels that are building a relationship of trust with the listeners and fans, releasing music with carefully shaped harmonic melodies.

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The fifth part of that mosaic of sound is Ex Tempore with its ten tracks and 45 minutes of gentle and intimate music, simultaneously minimal and expressive. This time the melodies are not too concrete and most of the tracks are not meant to be precisely remembered; as a result almost all of the track-titles are random numbers. The music is a personal variation of the vastly growing melodic-electronics genre, and fits very well with the other artists who are a part of Shaped Harmonics so far: Ambidextrous, Syntetika, Supremus Plastice and Novel 23, all of them are from Russia. Good, sincere and enjoyable electronic music without the complex territory of experimentation.

Ex Tempore is OUT NOW on Shaped Harmonics.

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