Sphäre Sechs :: Enceladus (Malignant)

Darkly and metaphysically vibrant sonorous pearl that enthralls the listener.

Sphäre Sechs :: Enceladus

After a first and highly noted release, Tiefschlaf, released in 2012 via Malignant Records, the experimental deep drone based duet (Christian Stritzel & Martin Stürtzer) is back with a new and blackened hypnotic ambient release. Playful, sonorous and guided by voluptuous, enveloping string movements, the whole musical trip is continuously absorbing, subtly dynamic and intriguing. The album is built around tonal clusters, slowly moving chordal harmonies, timbral textures, breaking out the linear sense of time to enter the nebulous confines, the macrocosmic vastitude and a state of dense psych-acoustic sound ritual. Classical aesthetics and technical schemas of composition defined by the dark ambient genre are clearly identifiable: perplexing droning feedbacks, echoing looped fragments, processed acoustic noises, reverbs, bleak resonances, haunting alien universe of binaural-consonant sounds. The album is organized as a long-form ambient tale and culminates with rare post-industrial and cinematic sequences, resolutely cold and full of subliminal frequencies.

Enceladus is a darkly and metaphysically vibrant sonorous pearl that enthralls the listener. The gorgeous, otherworldly and slowly moving black atmospheres of this release are kinda close to the minimal sci-fi doomscapes of Gallery Schallschutz, Inade and Tholen in terms of intensity and “psych-acoustic” impact. This album is sonically perfect and definitely honors the most thrilling moments of the whole subterranean dark ambient genre. Awesome to play at high volume during isolated reflective times and lonesome mental excursions. A must have for fans of Lustmord and post-industrial/deep space ambient atmospheres.

Enceladus is available on Malignant.

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