Sica :: You Are Not Milk Machines (Neo Ouija)

Matthew Itkin and Rami Abraham hailing from Baltimore, Maryland (US)
have been formulating their unique experiments in sound sculpting for
just over a year now. The Neo Ouija facility based in the UK and run by
Lee Norris (Metamatics, Norken) decided that it was time to release Sica
from the online world of mp3 trading to a full format 12″, giving proper credit
to two artists who’s aim is to please people ears with their electronic formulas.
And what a formula it is…

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Within the past few years, experimental electronic music has grown
into areas that many folks have been cultivating for years. Rather
than list the artists, the rare mp3s, the deleted 7inch releases, the limited
colored vinyl that may contain similar sounds manifested on this latest
(and upcoming) release with Neo Ouija, it’s time to actually discuss the
music, the feelings, the emotions, and the textures that Sica brings to the
listeners who (can) appreciate it.

Subtle ambience, relaxed squeaks, tempered clip-hop, and instrumental
piano distortions seem to crash together peacefully on You Are Not Milk
. Imagine a wall of twisted sound cascading and mutating around
peculiar melodies and rhythmic beats. “Kijikrash Notebook” is a classic
example of these sounds. Having formed such a classic combination of
snappy electrical vibes on this debut release, it won’t be any surprise to
see the Sica duo gain appreciation with this (experimentally intact) release
when it hits the shelves, and as they play live during SINFestival this summer
in New York.

“17llow” molds an intricate fabric of soothing hip-hop sizzles with precise
emotional melodies. It sounds as if Matt and Rami have nurtured their
machines to milk precision electronics rather than noise on this track.
Expansive yet relaxed percussion with just the right amount of atmospheric

Much of You Are Not Milk Machines, however, remains tied to a platter of
soft experimental sounds that do not peak or max out 100% of the time. Many
of the tracks tease you with casual electric manipulations, then leaving you
in the middle of nowhere aching for one more melody to lift your thoughts.

Definitely a peculiar formula for the Sica landscape, and a release that may
put Neo Ouija in a comfortable position right in line with many other labels striving to attain this particular style of (experimental) listening music.

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