Sabled Sun :: 2148 (Cryo Chamber)

This album confirms the presence of high-quality standards in the dark ambient music galaxy.

Sabled Sun :: 2148 (Cryo Chamber)

Owner of the essential Cryo Chamber label and leader of Sabled Sun / Atrium Carceri, Simon Heather is one busy man but always a highly creative sound artist when it comes to write some of the most outstanding soundscapes in the understated cinematic and dark ambient genre. If his now classic project Atrium Carceri is more focused on lugubrious, highly evocative and partly experimental post-industrial doomscapes (especially in Cellblock, Seishinbyouin and kapno batai) Sabled Sun represents a more peaceful, spacey, cinematic and emotionally blissful ambient facet, at least based on what I had the opportunity to listen to.

This album has just been published and feedback has been massively enthusiastic. These are truly deserved. I also consider that this album confirms the presence of high-quality standards in the dark ambient music galaxy. The music is captivating and gorgeously cinematic from start to the end. The sound orchestration is meticulously approached, with lot of nuances, ideas and a well-balanced articulation between processed field recordings and non obtrusive textured ambiences. With good headphones and appropriate mental disposals this album reveals to be an incredible deep listening experience, soothingly beautiful and eerie like. The more traditional dark ambient style is combined with sinuous spacey synthesized patterns. The rich textures of sounds and micro-tonalist atmosphere are punctuated by a vast array of original influences, particularly noticeable in the dreamlike organic sequences of “Conceived” (what an amazing piece).

Otherworldly and deep ambient album that will seduce usual fans of the genre. According to me this new one can considered to be among the best instrumental dark ambient albums of the year with Stone Speak by Apocryphos, Ordeal by Shrine and All Towers Must Fall by Phragments.

2148 is available on Cryo Chamber.

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