Rusty Egan :: Presents Shock – R.E.R.B (Blitz Club)

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(September 2010) This archival release – the original being from 1980, is a studio collaboration
between producer Richard James Burgess and Rusty Egan, co founder of the Blitz
Club, member of The Skids & Visage, and not least the legendary DJ who
originally introduced the synthesizer into the mainstream. It’s no secret Rusty
Egan set a scene that gave way to the creative passions defined by subsonic
synth led, German influenced, electro beat culture. The music, the slick styles
and the fashions that followed were significant. The New Romantics were born.

This 2010 remix, which remains faithful to the original – also showcased on this
release, is thrust into its own limelight with a quick paced rhythm of
programmed beat structure, coloured with sharp clasps and augmented with
precision fired intermittent pulses, gradually integrating with a crisp synth
bassline. The three leading piano notes that follow are thickset and spookily
affected; their dominance throughout contrasted against tuneful higher pitched
tenor, decaying into an atmospheric background that moulds into shapes etched by
sustained swirling overtones. The tracks icy inquisitive ambience is defined by
its minor key; electro choir-like harmonic overtones expanding with every multi
synth layer, answered by infusions of sharp glass like timbres. It’s all led
away into a cold darkness with just a simple fading beat.

R.E.R.B is one of those electro pop excursions, destined to appeal to those who
thrive on vintage electro sounds of Kraftwerk, Neu! Visage & Ultravox. It’s
hugely relevant during the present revival, yet somehow remains obscure in its
own unique sense; a treasured and highly recommended release that’s available in either
12″ format or download.

R.E.R.B. is out now on Blitz Club. [Listen | Purchase]

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