Roedelius :: Snapshots/Sidesteps (Psychonavigation, CD)

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(05.04.07) Collaborating with artists undoubtedly influenced by his work over thirty years ago, the legendary Hans-Joachim Roedelius explores new sonic territories with a host of friends. Already an electronic guru known for his work from krautrock pioneers Cluster to his collaborations with olympian peers Brian Eno and Holger Czukay, Roedelius continues to set standards with his new release, Snapshots/Sidesteps, released on Irish label Psychonavigation Records. Modern electro-wizards that range from The Orb’s Alex Paterson & Thomas Fehlmann to Austrian wizard Werner Moebius join forces in recordings that span a decade.

As a collection of varied pieces, the album jumps between styles quickly from track to track. Roedelius allows his accomplices to guide the recording sessions, leaving his unique sonic imprint on what is primarily the accompanying artist’s direction. As a result, the album is a bit uneven – some tracks feel less fleshed-out than others. More often than not, however, shining moments of collaborative genius dominate the album. The pieces where atmosphere and texture are the primary focus are where the album excels, such as “Elektrum” and “Fait Accompli.”

Fans of Roedelius or any of the collaborative artists would enjoy the diversity and quality found on this record.

Snapshots/Sidesteps is out now on Psychonavigation. [Details]

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