Richard For Cerebellum :: Thoughts That Breathe… Words That Burn (Zhark International, CD)

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(10.12.05) Creepy release from Zhark; I know this is no news for those who know this label, but the main surprise is that it’s quite different from the usual Zhark output (excluding Harpsicorpse). This CD will set up a pitch black surrounding, but it’s not esoteric breakcore, it’s more instrumental, with live drums and guitars, and with plenty of gloomy and droning bass, underlined by obscure industrial buzzes, as you can experience in “Lucid,” “Propaganda (101 Mix)” and “Machines,” which introduce you to the abysmal darkness of Thoughts That Breathe… Words That Burn. Don’t think about distortions, there’s no dark DSP nor heavy metal, “Devils/Angels” sounds very clear and natural, with deep beats pulsating under echoing dirges. Richard For Cerebellum mixes with much talent also stiff breaks and piano compositions, as in “Nada Prelude;” his classical music training is evident here as in the strings and cello pieces “Hope Deferred,” “In Absence Of Illumination” and in the never-ending “Symphony For Dying.” Unfortunately this classical section is far too long and despite an effective and mesmerizing first half of the record, in the end one can easily lose attention. Nevertheless Thoughts That Breathe… is quite a unique record, with very intense moments and that will appeal to the most eclectic listeners.

Thoughts That Breathe… Words That Burn is out now on Zhark International.

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