Double Review :: Renegades Of Jazz / Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra (Agogo)

Two beautifully eclectic albums which craftily assemble a myriad of influences into a unique sensory experience. Afrobeat, funk and jazz, electronica, traditional music and dub, collide to break down genre barriers Agogo style.

Double Review :: Renegades Of Jazz / Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra (Agogo)

Renegades Of Jazz :: Moyo Wangu

David Hanke (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz) strikes again with a brand new album on the mighty Agogo imprint. Although shaped for the more exotic dance floors out there, Moyo Wangu also works effectively as an uplifting sonic concoction at home. Throughout twelve pieces Hanke and his co-conspirators cruise smoothly through afrobeat realms spiced with jazz, funk and gentle electronica. Each piece confidently carries a vigorous groove and magnetic, ass-shaking energy. Multilayered and dynamic yet catchy and addictive, Moyo Wangu leaves the listener refreshed and recharged yet ready for another round. This music stays pulsating in your veins long after the record has finished spinning. Genre-fusing at its most colorful and electric form.

Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra :: Albore

Manuel Volpe and his Rhabdomantic Orchestra provide us with a deep voyage into uncharted territories. Ten alluring compositions filled with orphic wind instrument work, stimulating percussion flows, clever drumming, warm basslines, dreamy keyboard and guitar gymnastics, penetrating string arrangements and hypnotic vocals. This is slow, caressing music which embraces the listener and keeps him/her warm and safe yet soul-stirred and deeply engaged. Jazz, afrobeat, cosmic vibes and a bit of dub assemble an emotionally charged and atmospherically enchanting sonic stream. Beautifully executed and skillfully produced.

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