Rawmance & Toisvesi :: Double review (La Beauté Du Négatif)

Cerebral synthesizer sounds and body electronics beautifully explored, without pandering to the ever growing herd.

la-beaute-du-negatif_dbl-review_featWho’d be a record label boss? Almost any half drunken eejit ya meet out? True as that may be, very few make the dream a reality; even fewer dare to be distinct. La Beauté Du Négatifare going further than daring, they’re doing it. There isn’t an abundance of information available about this fledgling imprint, so let’s let their pair releases do the talking.

Rawmance and Nlpforeva is the first project. This new name is not new to Igloo, Rawmance being a member of Гибель тургруппы Дятлова on Knick Knack Yoda which was covered by Philippe Blache last year. Percussion pierces. Crashing cymbals collide headlong with corrupted claps, wisping melodies haunting the backcloth. The flip takes its cue from the A. Elements of “Nlpforeva” are employed for the dancefloor radioactivity of “Panam Club Resource.” Beats are again the driving force but here they have been spliced with blip hop scratched retrospection. The finale is a mouthful, “Sur Le Passage De Certaines Personnes A Travers Une Assez Courte Unité De Temps.” The track sits aside from its brothers in arms. Ambience balloons, ripples of lonesome machine static closing the EP.

Toisvesi is the latest offering from LBDN. His EP, 106, is a two tracker, but of pretty epic proportions with some twenty minutes of music in total. The lengthy title piece minutes, bends and contorts 303 chords. Crisp drums support a sloping network of echoing bars for a hypnotic piece of disturbed Techno. The flip takes that formula of the original, stretches it and then inverts. “106 Versio” Tempos are reduced, hazy colors blurring the first cut for a claustrophobic and trippy ending.

La Beauté Du Négatif is part of the low-key vanguard of small electronic imprints. What’s en vogue, what’s being plied by popular DJ’s and getting undue attention is not important. Instead this new imprint, with their limited pressings, are pushing interesting electronics. Dark moods, bright hopefulness, House experiments, Techno warmth and Ambient introversion are all on the table. Cerebral synthesizer sounds and body electronics beautifully explored, without pandering to the ever growing herd.

Both releases area available on La Beauté Du Négatif.

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