Norken :: The Lost Day (Delsin)

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This is a nice IDM release more suited for the dance floor enthusiast than the home listener. Consisting of four tracks, none of which particularly stand out as exceptional, my feelings on this release are similar to that of the recent Sierra Romeo 12″ on FWD. Most people seemed unimpressed, as it was a good release and not at all dissappointing, but it wasn’t one you ever craved enough to pull out and listen to. The Lost Day EP also suffers the same fate. It seems releases that get hyped, but aren’t up to people’s expectations are doomed, yet an unhyped release that is solid and of the same caliber as Norken’s 12″ will get a much better response. Which is sad, but what can you do? Anyhow, expect a release that is dance-oriented (but not bass-heavy) and well produced, but not groundbreaking.

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