Nonima :: Departure:RMX (Mitoma Industries)

Are you ready for a departure?

A little darker than its original 4-track EP on Pripyat (2014)—the title track now reveals itself on this remix package as Nonima (aka Tam Farrens) invites a few colleagues to manipulate and dissect.

Cedric Von Flugel transforms “Waratel” into a chaotic mechanized brew, all manner of noise, grit, rugged beats and electrical combustion rolled into one. “Monolith (v2)” takes on a harsher industrialized tone via clanging percussion, shuffling rhythm and eventual mutated hypnotism blurring the lines between noise and organized sonic streams. Dissolved, while usually ensconced in fields of melodic electrical bits, maneuvers “Nanoarrow” into a molten audio slurry featuring loosely drawn ambience and abrasive low-end. The title track is a glitchy beast—its clicks and cuts teetering on the edge about to break away and untangle slowly, continues to stretch sci-fi effects with vigor. Dekode seems to be the most upfront in terms of clear and concise electronics—”Escape Path” displays a technoid outer shell and atmospheric undertone. Nonima’s “Nanoarrow” is prime DSP electro/techno converging from both ends of the spectrum. An eventual crunchy solar flare and vocal pitch is offset by dance-floor ready bass and beat. Weldroid, whose recent Protozorg Remixes (Tonatom, 2014) should not be missed, offers voices weaving in the background, synth notes flickering about and rippling bass on his “Burden” remix effort. “Edaphon” closes on a more positive note; cinematic-ambient formations floating on oceanic waves, beatless yet seamless in construction, wings pass through the air effortlessly making for an interesting aphotic transition from its cacophonous neighbors. Are you ready for a departure?

Departure:RMX is available on Mitoma Industries.

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