Nommo Ogo :: The Sea of Night (Katabatik)

This new Nommo Ogo incarnates a resolutely spacey, majestic and futuristic tribal musical direction.

Leading representative musician of the contemporary tripped-out abstract synthedelic movement Michael Buchanan is back under the moniker of Nommo Ogo. After two recent and furiously eclectic-propulsive sci-fi electronic albums for Record Label Records and one self-released published this year, this new Nommo Ogo incarnates a resolutely spacey, majestic and futuristic tribal musical direction. The press release note precises that all songs were written and recorded between the Summer Solstices of 2012 and 2013 by M.Buchanan and C.I.Fleursdemort, with additional overdubs and production performed by J.Dexteré.

The first echoing gongs, cosmic micro-sounds and enthralling choir-like synthesized lines directly announce the color for a radical voyage and cryptical mission through the unkown, through the celestial spheres and interstellar vastness. The opening track is a splendid electronic-gravitational soundscape, perfectly executed and sustained by deeply moving bass lines. The detached and slowly massive atmosphere almost reminds me the eerie-doom ambiences of Bohren & der club of gore despite that the equipment is totally different. The self-titled track carries on the cosmic dance with a intensively moving and dynamic sound excursion within a tense-mysterious-chilling atmosphere. The rhythmical sections are accompanied by beautifully enveloping synth lines and some plaintive-evocative vocoder parts. “Dragon’s Blood” and with its rather darkly soundtracky sci-fi mood reiterates on the same musical thematic, colder, kind of gothic and less powerful than the previous tracks (at least for my humble opinion) if I except the very interlocking-menacing dimension of it and nice electro drumming sections. “Vitriol” starts as a creepy futuristic-alien synthscape, reminiscence to John Carpenter and progressively rises into an electrified ritual trance.

The whole musical trip seems to be somewhere between early 80s Schulze’s digital materials, the electro minimalism of Drexcyia and the power cyber-electronic / emotional soundscaping density of Bad Sector. Macrocosmic electronic music, extremely sonic capabilities for an imperial immersive digitalized electronic sound odyssey. Definitely recommended for all “kosmische” / planetarium music lovers of the new millennium.

The Sea of Night is available on Katabatik.

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