Neud Photo / Zarkoff :: Dimensions (Kraftjerkz)

neud-photo_zarkoff-dimensions_featNeud Photo is part of that exciting new breed of American artists. Since 2010 Nico Nightingale has been delivering his brand of analogue rich electronics on labels like Electunes. The New Yorker utilizes an arsenal of equipment to produce textured electro and inviting synthesizer music. 2014 sees Nightingale return to Kraftjerkz but more as a point of inspiration.

“Dimensions” first came out on Kraftwerkz in 2012. Now that twirling piece of analogue goodness is being remixed by by Croation Producer Zarkoff, aka Saša Rajković. Zarkoff offers the same intoxicating melody of the original and added extra vocals. There track feels more like an edit than a remix, with the core melody of the original being central to this retake. Nevertheless, the full figured voice of Iva Viskovic adds another element and extra ballast to deepen the emotion of those solitary bars. The flip is occupied by the hefty “Famous Grouse.” The track is bawdy and techno bent, groaning and straining under the weight of bass and reverb. A dirty and raw piece of electronics, a track of claustrophobic heaviness.

This EP is a strange being. On one side sits tear stained electro, Zarkoff’s remix of Neud Photo drowning in an upbeat sadness. The flip is red blooded, if not broody, techno. Two solid pieces of music, just a peculiar vinyl incarnation.

Dimensions is available on Kraftjerks.

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