Murkok :: So Little Music (Shimmering Moods)

A beautifully evocative album in the downtempo and dream ambient genre.

Loyal to its stylistic trademark, Shimmering Moods Records are back with three new releases to start the year with subtly moving and craft-based organic ambient releases. So Little Music by Murkok is a beautifully evocative album in the downtempo and dream ambient genre.

I did not have success to find concrete info about the project—very discreet one for invigorating deep home listening. The music is released by Russian sound artist Llya Glebov. Murkok is a young project, born in 2015, mainly self-released with an abundant catalog of digital albums. The soothing sound tapestry is made of long sinuous drone waves and grainy micro noises which encourage a quiet state of meditation and inner dialogue with a nostalgic feeling. Relaxing but nothing utterly new agey or vaporous. Partly shoegazing melodies in a really unearthly vibe punctuate the ensemble as in the majestic introspective “A dream without end.”

Constantly peaceful, moody, impressionistic, tenderly subjective and melodiously abstract this album will easily seduce listeners of modern ambient minimalism and pastoral micro tonalism from Celer, Loscil, Basinski and Fennesz. So Little Music can be ranged among Shimmering Moods’ most textural daydream ambient efforts.

So Little Music is available on Shimmering Moods.

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