Mono Junk :: FP-004 (Forbidden Planet)

A great, gritty EP from one of Finland’s electronic founding fathers.

Kimmo Rapatti is a name synonymous with Electro and Techno. As Mono Junk, his best known appellation, the Finnish artist has dished up his sound on labels like Trope Recordings, Styrax Leaves an most recently Skudge. The Turku man is also the founder of Finland’s seminal Dum Records, a platform that helped to mould a distinctive Finnish sound. I actually first came across Kim Rapatti under his own name, for the emotion twisting Wave mechanics of Time After Time. But the Finn is stepping into his well traversed arena of muddied Techno for Forbidden Planet with FP-004.

From the EP’s outset knives are out, knuckle dusters are polished and ready alongside all the necessary audio weaponry for dancefloor annihilation. That open fury is on display for all to see. At times that outright rage is tapered, funneled into melody and harmony; as in the lilting drive of “Shotokai.” But the venom is never far away. Bawdy broad bass breathes life into the beast that is “Bleep Number 9.” Sounds of the 90s batter, looping bars bending to breaking point under the pressure of cymbal and snare. The force that characterizes the 12”, the teetering anxiety and punishing trajectory is sidelined for the flip. Smothered samples and sinister currents make up the eerie Electro shudders of “Happy With You.” A dizzying cycle of sounds builds for “Kime.” Plinks and bleeps echo, recycling over tough percussion for an unsettling closer.

For no real reason Mono Junk has flown below my radar. Despite over two decades of releasing I had only come across this prolific Finn once or twice. FP-004 has made me aware of my ignorance, and I’m glad. It’s always a good day when you discover a musician of Mono Junk’s sheer quality, especially one with such a back catalog. A great, gritty EP from one of Finland’s electronic founding fathers. Right, I’m off to discogs to continue my Dum Records’ education.

FP-004 is available on Forbidden Planet.

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