Midimode :: Spaceability (Enpeg)

This Russian duo opens their account with Enpeg via the rhythmically coherent, IDM-infused mechanics of Spaceability. 2013 saw the release available as a 12″ slab of wax through SEALT which featured Ambidextrous on remix duty. Enpeg offers the digitized version with Bad Loop called on for support.

A certain nostalgic flare for early 2000’era electronics is on the table via fidgeting synths and crackling microscopic textures, not unlike the classic days of Art-Tek, Toytronic and Neo Ouija to name but a few. So what’s in store you ask? Have a listen to the sparkling melodic slices offered on “Magic Sandbox,” the electro-tinged instrumentation and crackled voices of “Ferrumones” to the refined chaotic beauty that Bad Loop pieces together on “Saturn” to get a glimpse. These are precisely maneuvered electrons that are both bubbly and baffling, playful and professional. A fleeting 10-track synopsis from an earlier IDM epoch that is now replenished for the next generation to reminisce about.

Spaceability is available on Enpeg.

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