Metamatics :: Midnight Sun Pig (Dot)

115 image 1Today Metamatics equals Lee Norris. It has been possible to enjoy Norris and Metamatics on his own (originally with Dominique Kennedy) on a variety of labels: Clear, District 6, Beau Monde, Numbers, Hydrogen Dukebox, Staalplaat and Delsin. Now Lee has trotted to Dot, been knighted and admitted as knight of the Dotian table. Dot Records website.

Lee Norris has had a slew of labels on their hands and knees trying to capture the sounds that are Metamatics. So far he has released on quite a variety of labels, and maintained his signature of solid and soulful electronics all the way through.

With Midnight Sun Pig subtle jazz elements pop out through the debris amongst an abundance of flowing strings, odd rhythms and bubbly basslines. From one extreme to the next this full length focuses on dubby Berlin sounds as well as (some minor) drum and bass, classic experimentation, and digital funk melodies that somehow seem human. The title track, “Midnight Sun Pig” should have you tapping your fingers on your desk, while “Liquid Gel” morphs into a pocket size gem that will haunt you in the early hours.

It’s quite an interesting sound to say the least, but Metamatics packs it all into a tight 70 minutes of pure mind drenching funk. If you’re used to Lee’s softly structured techno when he operates under the Norken guise, then this release is a logical step to the left as the music is chopped into more chewable pieces of experimental soul.

The Dotian knight cracks it out once again, Midnight Sun Pig is a classic in its own right, with molecular sounds bouncing around your ears, you’ll have a tough time turning this one off.



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